New for 2018

Installation Spaces

Installation spaces are available for works that fit into categories such as Installation Projects, Conceptual Art, Cross-Disciplinary Works, Public Art Projects, Environmental and Social Projects, Experimental Architecture, Architectural Installations, and so on. This flexibility allows artists to shape the space how they wish.

Small Works Salon

The Small Works Salon, is a low-cost, table-top platform for artists to showcase small-scale art such as paintings, ceramics, sculpture and drawings.

Welcome to EXPO Contemporary, an international art fair bridging the gap between those who love and collect art and the artists who make it – a celebration of art, design, multi-media and performance art in downtown Los Angeles’ thriving arts community.

View the work of important American and international artists in a ground-breaking collection of exhibitions, curated projects, panel discussions and seminars with prominent artists and experts.

We are currently accepting applications from artists, artist spaces and collectives to exhibit at the 3rd edition of EXPO Contemporary. Click here for details and to apply.

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