Apply NowEXPO Contemporary’s mission is to establish a respected platform for high caliber independent artists, designers and collaborative groups, who do not have an opportunity to participate in gallery-based art fairs, to present their works to a global audience and empower artists and designers to be the makers of their own careers.

As an exhibitor, your work will also be publicized and marketed by EXPO Contemporary’s expert team to ensure visibility by the right curators, collectors, writers, and publishers. There are lots of great reason to participate, and following are a few…

Reasons to Apply:

  1. Exposure: Every artist will have the opportunity to directly present, discuss, and promote their work to a global audience of curators, gallery directors, dealers, collectors, editors, publishers, writers, educators, and cultural organizations — the people who can invest in, collect, commission, exhibit, present, produce, promote, publicize, endorse, and support your projects. EXPO Contemporary will provide access to the people who can advance your career, all in one place and on one weekend.
  2. Empowerment: All participating artists, designers and collaborative groups will have the opportunity to control the presentation and distribution of their work by curating their own work, designing how it will be exhibited, and writing and designing promotional material to accompany it. In addition, they will keep 100% of all sales. It is an investment in entrepreneurial career management.
  3. Networking & Building Community: EXPO Contemporary will provide a stage and a forum for conversations and interactions between different fields of activity leading to future collaborations, projects, presentations and dialog.  A meeting place for artists who are crossing contexts and blurring the boundaries between art, design, architecture, environments, and media, along with those working in traditional media, it will bring culturally diverse emerging and established artists together with each other, and those who can support their work.
  4. Endorsement: EXPO Contemporary is a juried event, selecting outstanding art from a wide range of media, and esthetics, that establishes a respected platform for high caliber independent professional creators outside the narrow parameters of the gallery system. It critically supports artists who have not had access to gallery-based art fairs, along with those who make challenging works that don’t easily fit into the gallery landscape yet are at the forefront of a new cultural landscape. This includes works which are interactive, experiential, site specific, public, media-based, non-commercial, or performative, as well as traditional media.
  5. Editorial Exposure: Fabrik Magazine is the leading art and design print publication in Los Angeles and every artist/designer/maker who participates in the fair will receive editorial coverage and be featured in Fabrik’s online magazine, which has a global following.
  6. Best of Show: Fabrik editors and a star jury will select from this year’s exhibitors a ‘Best of Show’ winner. The Best of Show winner and their work will be showcased in Fabrik’s Summer 2016 issue.

Other Reasons to Participate:

  1. Make Connections: Connect with gallery directors, curators, writers and potential buyers, as well as thousands of art enthusiasts and future supporters, through our exhibitions and specialized programs.
  2. Be the First: As the first show of this kind, EXPO Contemporary provides the opportunity for your work to be documented as part of this unprecedented historic event.
  3. Effective Marketing: EXPO Contemporary will be marketed through various partnerships and across multiple platforms including print, web and social media.
  4. Superior Operations: Our professional team will oversee all facets of the show and assist all exhibitors each step of the way.
  5. Professional Displays: Design and curate your own exhibition, have your work displayed on professional, gallery-style walls, and in selected spaces.
  6. Location, Location, Location: Boasting one of the largest creative communities in the United States, Los Angeles provides a diverse community of arts professionals and patrons who can open doors of opportunity for our artists.
  7. Timing is Everything: Scheduled to run during Spring Art Week Los Angeles and concurrently with Photo Independent, The LA Festival of Photography and the Objects of Art Show, EXPO Contemporary provides you with the opportunity to present your work at the same time and in a strategic downtown location, to global decision makers – curators, galleries, collectors, editors, publishers, and cultural patrons– who seek to acquire, publish, commission, invest in and support the best creative talent today.
  8. Support: EXPO Contemporary is produced by Fabrik Media, Inc., an LA-based multifaceted marketing agency that supports artists and their diverse media. In collaboration with a talented and passionate network of publishers, dealers, curators and arts professionals, Fabrik Media provides artists with professional opportunities to have their work exhibited, published and represented through various platforms including Fabrik, EXPO Contemporary and Photo Independent.
  9. Special Features: The show will offer specialized programing including presentations, panel and roundtable discussions, and docent tours with topics specific to the needs and interest of our artists.
  10. Website Profile: Artists will be featured on the EXPO Contemporary website with a short profile/bio and images.

Visit our Exhibitor Information page for details on how to apply.